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    For every Filipino who aspires to work in the government, the Civil Service Exam (CSE) is one hurdle that they need to pass. The CSE is an examination for recruitment and admission of people into government service. If working in the government is one of your career paths, then you might consider taking the CSE.

    Applying for the test 
    If you are applying for the CSE, always be on the look-out for announcements from the Civil Service Commission. The CSC is the government branch in-charge of administering the CSE. So, when you need to know important dates like deadlines of applications and test day, always look for announcements on their website.

    Choosing the test type
    When applying, you can choose either to apply for a Paper and pen test (PPT) or Computer Exam (COMEX). As the name implies, the PPT allows you to take the exam with a scannable sheet and pen. On the other hand, the COMEX mode allows you to take the exam through a computer. It is a matter of your preference whether you choose PPT or COMEX.

    There is also another category of CSE types. You can either choose to take the sub-professional or professional option. The only difference between these two is the examination contents. However, it is highly encouraged to take the Professional type because this is what most government agencies require from their employees.

    Remember the passing score
    It is important to remember that the passing score of the exam is 80%. Scoring less than that would require you to take the test again. 

    Studying for the exam
    Both the sub-professional and professional type of exams will have the following examination contents:

    • English and Filipino vocabulary
    • grammar and correct usage
    • paragraph organization
    • reading comprehension
    • analogy and logic
    • numerical reasoning
    • the clerical reasoning

    However, for the professional type, the exam will have questions about Philippine Constitution, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, peace and human rights issues, environmental protection, and others.

    The CSE has the difficulty of an average college entrance exam. If you studied well for the CSE, then there is no reason to fret.

    Taking the exam
    Before the day of your exam, make sure to have enough sleep and plentiful breakfast. Also, prepare extra pencils (if you are taking the PPT exam) and other valuables for your trip. Also, bring some snacks and sweets to give you an energy boost during your exam. Do your best to arrive at the test site early.

    When you arrive at the test site, take time in reading the instructions. The instructions will not only remind you of the important announcements but also your assigned room. At your assigned room is the list of applicants assigned to that room. Take your time to make sure all details on the list is correct.

    During the test, just relax and try to answer all questions as best as you can. The exam takes three hours, but you will most likely finish ahead of time. Once you are finished, you can leave even if the test isn’t officially over yet. 

    After a few months, your test result will be released on the CSC website.

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    Contributed by: Allison Julianne Macasaet
    She is a freelance writer on the side, a student of international relations on the other. Interests include fantasy books, international relations, and lifestyle.